Ginger teen with cute freckles on her face

Hot ginger teen expose her beautiful freckled face.

Once I was on a dive trip to the school in a small island near the coast. Our first dive was at night and I was in the first group. Everyone panicked and grabbed her arms around her friend and support to scream, while in the dark. We jumped into the icy water, and the signal is displayed on the dive. I remember a deep breath and then I’ll drown in what seemed another planet. The world was quiet, dark and surreal. I saw the fish, as the current pushed against his body, like me. A piece of seaweed stuckhis foot, and at this moment I imagined the worst. A monster, a shark, a. .. Piece of seaweed. You could not see more than one meter in front of you, and there was akind of comfort. I came to the air, and looked around. We were told to leave, because the wind had picked up, and would be thrown into the rocks. It was then thatI realized how helpless he was, and how the rock beside me. I think the lesson is that its so easy to get fascinated by the beauty of a situation, or foreign concepts in life, become blind. Blind to the dangers of always being there or thrown into the rocks. I think it’s good to escape, after all, I still remember the taste of salt on your lips.

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