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He was 18 years before seeing the ocean for the first time. My father and I were traveling to Texas to see my sister graduate from basic training and spent the night in the Gulf. It was so beautiful. I moved close to the sea and he loved it. I was inspired to write and think. I like what the ocean is and how it reaches everywhere. I want to move back and no longer live where I can go see the ocean if I really miss him and me.

Up in the air

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The location of most of the means for me is the beach, I love sitting in the soft sand, warm and listen to the gentle waves slide along the beach, I love watching the sea and the area of deep blue like big trees in the winter months, is made ​​me very happy and peaceful. On a hot summer day I can walk my dog ​​along the shore, the water makes me laugh inside, splashed me, as he runs the past, I laugh more. I can go to the beach on a cold winter day, one around which you saw when you walk ankle-deep in cold water, it feels cool and pleasant. Sometimes I go to the beach with my father because he no longer lives with us a pleasure to talk with him and laugh about the good old days, I miss those days. Although I am happy to walk along the beach, which makes me sad, like when I think at least I think Dad was sad and lonely that she and Dad must be Sun The beach is my place more valuable because it contains a very special memory.

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I stayed a few days in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, living in the United States, and was a fantastic experience. Small planes came and went along the beach all day getwell behind billboards, advertising, restaurants, etc, and the sand was so hot I could not go barefoot. But he was great, not one of my favorite two tracks.
That honor goes to two beaches in Donegal, Ireland. One is a long golden beach with big waves and high dunes. It is always left, but when we go there we would Holdayfamily had a good time to make waves in the womb, and strive to reach the top of the dunes, before jumping on them new. There are no restaurants or glaciers. No mini-golf, no people, no nothing, just a few miles of sand perfect and beautiful landscape.

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Aroused sensual redhead beauty with freckled face and body.

When I lived in the city, the beach was the only place I go to an unbroken horizon. If you could observe, was to leave the sea and said they were somewhere far away and distant.
Now that I look through the open horizon I still beach’m surrounded - the movementand sounds of the open sea is memerising and odors, including sulfuric odors are very beautiful.

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Once I was on a dive trip to the school in a small island near the coast. Our first dive was at night and I was in the first group. Everyone panicked and grabbed her arms around her friend and support to scream, while in the dark. We jumped into the icy water, and the signal is displayed on the dive. I remember a deep breath and then I’ll drown in what seemed another planet. The world was quiet, dark and surreal. I saw the fish, as the current pushed against his body, like me. A piece of seaweed stuckhis foot, and at this moment I imagined the worst. A monster, a shark, a. .. Piece of seaweed. You could not see more than one meter in front of you, and there was akind of comfort. I came to the air, and looked around. We were told to leave, because the wind had picked up, and would be thrown into the rocks. It was then thatI realized how helpless he was, and how the rock beside me. I think the lesson is that its so easy to get fascinated by the beauty of a situation, or foreign concepts in life, become blind. Blind to the dangers of always being there or thrown into the rocks. I think it’s good to escape, after all, I still remember the taste of salt on your lips.

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I thought the way he should go to the beach, the heat and sand, drinks and what yourskin feels and smells when it feels the effects of vitamin D, I love it.
I did not go to a beach holiday for a long time so I think it’s a good idea.
I live near the beach in the city or the sea, many of them, but no, and … this is not the same. Always nice to visit, but not the same as the experience of the ocean.

Freckled ginger blue eyes teen

Freckled face sweet ginger teen has extraordinary eyes.

This trip was my first experience with a rough sea, I remember. I saw and experienced before in the areas of input and noise, but the sea is a huge tide is really impressive!
In the barren steppe I feel so alone, isolated, vulnerable, but the sea I feel sad example. I have a feeling of awe and amazement! The knowledge that there is so much life in these waves and comforting.


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